our friend said we’re “like the Bulletin of PR”, we kinda like that. #grlpwr 

Our Philosophy


The needs of a start-up aren’t like the needs of a large, established company. Not even close. So why do most PR Firms treat all their brands the same? Cos it’s easier. -We’re not hating- we’re all about efficiency, but ultimately the small business owner pays the price (literally). 


So, we only work with the freshest, coolest, most bad-ass female centric brands, -that are small-to-medium size. Period. It’s that simple.


Speaking of simple; we offer three distinct packages that are designed to match whatever growth-stage your business is at, right now… That means you only pay for services your company actually needs, right now. Making quality PR support way more affordable. Plus, since we work exclusively with likeminded brands, Edit gets to be super focused and share similar resources among most, if not all clients. So your clients get a better, more targeted service at a WAY lower price than with traditional firms. That’s a pretty big deal. The Edit team isn’t diluting it’s time chasing connections only a fraction of our clients will ever need. Every minute the Edit team is working is potentially benefitting all our clients, all the time. We don't know of any other PR company in the world that can say that.


About us


We’ve seen it from both sides. From corporate fashion marketing to building a girl boss brand from scratch. We know how hard it is, and how amazingly, unbelievably rewarding it is too. We know first hand that growing a start up isn’t easy. You have to spread yourself thin. Be frugal. Work long hours (like all damn day). It’s hard work. So you have to use your time wisely - working smarter not harder. Focus on your core competences. That’s how Edit was born. Cutting through the noise, being hyper efficient, and focusing on the important stuff. Whatever that means today. Cos, in small business, stuff changes all the time. All it takes is one big push, one perfect placement, and your company can be transformed over night. Or, maybe not. It can be a sprint, or it can be a marathon. You have to ride it out to find out which it is. Ultimately, you can arrive at the same destination though, so no pressure. 


Edit is about finding efficiency and maximizing potential. Opening up doors and opportunity to companies that wouldn’t otherwise have access. It’s about leveraging skills, sharing resources and applying them in the most impactful way possible. One of our friends said we’re “like the Bulletin of PR”, we kinda like that. 


As we built Ryan Porter from a cute-but-edgy custom bracelet start-up to the customization destination it is today, we learned a lot. It was a rollercoaster, the highest of highs to some pretty crushing lows too (hello tax season!). Along the way, we created a ton of amazing contacts; from the freshest influencers to full-blown A-list celebrities. The whole spectrum of digital and print media. The coolest boutiques and the biggest department stores… but, probably most importantly, a whole bunch of likeminded, disruptive, female focused, inspirational business owners. Before long we realized, we had a huge amount of resources that could benefit companies just like ours… so why not share the love? 


Edit is about supporting and empowering fresh, new, female-centric brands. It’s about genuinely caring about the clients brand vision and message.


That’s why we tailer our services to suit the current business needs. And we adjust what we do as you grow. Supporting you through the most challenging part of building a business. Taking some of the weight off, and allowing you to focus on what you do best. 


But, of course, It’s also about all the fun, sexy exciting, glamorous stuff that goes along with getting your brand a ton of attention from the right audience. It’s all about balance. Ok, maybe more of the glamorous stuff. But you get our point. xoxo